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Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company obtains and utilizes large amounts of customer information through Internet shopping, etc., and various activities involved in the development of business and the provision of services.
In order to fully recognize our social responsibility and protect the rights and interests of individual customers, we have formulated the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

In addition, we have established a “Personal Information Protection Management System” to implement this policy in a concrete manner, and will ensure that it is operated appropriately in turn.

  • [1]

    Personal information used for business activities will be obtained in a legal and fair manner through which the purpose of its use is clearly defined. In addition, when personal information is obtained directly in writing, it will be used within the scope of the purpose for which the individual has given prior consent.

    If personal information is obtained through other means, it will be used within the scope of the purpose provided on our website. After it has been obtained, we will take the necessary measures to ensure that this information is not used for any other purpose.
  • [2]

    In the event that personal information is provided to an external party within the scope of the stated purpose, we will ensure that the entrusted destination protects this personal information and provide appropriate supervision regarding safety management.

    In addition, personal information will also be provided to external parties when it has been deemed appropriate (only with the written consent of the individual or as required by law)
  • [3]

    We will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information as well as guidelines and other standards established by national governments that are relevant to our business domain, and will ensure thorough management by adopting the management controls stipulated in JIS Q 15001 (Personal Information Protection Management Systems – Requirements).
  • [4]

    We will fully analyze and identify the risks associated with the personal information that we handle, and work to prevent leaks, loss, or damage of personal information while we formulate and maintain systems to take prompt corrective measures when risks that these events may occur are detected.
  • [5]

    Our complaint/consultation service for receiving opinions and complaints will be clearly indicated on the documentation shown when obtaining information, our website, etc., and we will formulate and operate a system that enables us to provide prompt responses to relevant inquiries.
  • [6]

    We will seek to continually improve the standards of our “Personal Information Protection Management System” by giving due consideration to trends in network technology, the social climate regarding personal information protection, and relevant opinions and complaints received from individual contributors.
  • [7]

    The principles of this policy shall apply to all personal information retained by our company, which includes information about our employees and the personal information of recruitment applicants, etc., in addition to the personal information involved in the Internet service business above.

Complaint/Consultation Service Regarding Personal Information
(FAX: 011-351-5185)

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*Our company has been entrusted by Kitanotatsujin Corporation to receive complaints and consultations regarding personal information and is responsible for handling inquiries regarding the personal information that we have retained.
*For inquiries other than those listed above, please contact us here.

Date of Establishment: June 25, 2021

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